1. 主要用途(Main Application)


This machine is used for all kinds of granular material is compressed into a round sheet is suitable for mass production of basic equipment, its structure, a dual pressure type, there are two sets of feeder and two sets of roller. Turntable can be installed 33 to pay die, spin a week can be suppressed 66, the pressure of films turntable speed, the depth of filling materials, the pressure thickness can be adjusted. Machine mechanical Slowly device can avoid the overload caused by a breakdown. The machine is equipped with smoke powder box, running the machine through the nozzle can be lessons arising from the dust, to avoid clogging dust adhesion, and recyclable materials re-use.

2.技术参数(Technique parameter)

冲模数Die Number ZP33


Maximum Compression pressure (kN) 40

最大压力直径(毫米)Maximum pressure diameter (mm) 12

最大填充深度(毫米)Maximum filling depth (mm) 15

最大片剂厚度(毫米)Maximum tablet thickness (mm 6

转台转速(转/分)Turntable rotation speed (r / min) 11-28

最大生产能力(片/时)Maximum production capacity (pieces / h) 43000-110000

电动机功率(千瓦)Motor Power (kW) 2.2

外形尺寸(毫米)Dimensions (mm) 950*960*1600

主机重量(公斤)weight(kg) 850